Teenage Sex - Number 92 September 2002

Teenage Sex – Number 92 September 2002

Teenage Sex – Number 92 September 2002
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Teenage Sex 92 Annalise put her arse on the line. TEENAGE SEX porn magazine by Color Climax Corporation was one of the first porn magazines in the 1970s to display FULL-COLOR Pictures of Cute Nice Girls having hard-core sex.

Amber was quite sophisticated for a college girl. She dressed well, had a very generous allowance from her daddy, and was one of the few students who could afford to live off campus… The lovely Asian-girl’s sophistication covered many aspects of life: clothes, the arts and literature, for example. But she was also very “refined” when it came to fucking. Her new boyfriend, Alex, discovered this fact on their second date when she invited him up to her apartment, after they had been to the movies…

Janus was like a kid with a new toy… He could not play a note of music, but he was really proud of the trumpet he had just bought at a bargain-price at a garage sale. Miranda and Katja tried their best to share his enthusiasm, but who in their right mind wants to listen to a sound that resembles a cross between a flying fart and a fucked-up Ferrari?! “You should try blowing instead of sucking!” Miranda remarked sarcastically. Janus was not to be…

Natasha was a nymphomaniac – in every sense of the word! She was not the best student in her class, but, on the other hand, when it came to fucking, she could have taken an honour’s degree! Johan was a very helpful kind of guy, but when he offered to to give Natasha some extra tuition in maths, he was not expecting to be given a lesson in sex instead! The randy young girl knew just which “buttons” to press, and soon, the complications of geometry were forgotten in favour of the art of cunt-tickling…

Annalise’s older brother had a very impressive collection of be-bop records. The first time she heard the complex, innovative music, she made up her mind that she wanted to be a singer in a jazz band… Her chance came one day, when one of her brother’s friends – who had heard about her ambition – asked her if she would like to “jam” a little. Annalise was over the moon. She knew that Paul’s band was hot, and she was prepa-red to put her arse on the line to be a member of the combo… By a curious coincidence that is exactly what happened…



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