Teenage Sex – Number 93 July 1999

Teenage Sex – Number 93 July 1999

Teenage Sex – Number 93 July 1999
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Teenage Sex 93 Include Eve finds the Garden of Anal in a gym, Carol and Donna share one dick, Paula gets two dicks at one time.

Carol and Donna did almost every-thing together. And when they were bored and horny, they were usually bored and horny together. But this time Carol was determined to do something about their cravings and she suggested seducing a…

Eva couldn’t believe her good fortune. Ever since she had joined the health club, she had been shyly flirting with a handsome trainer there named Eric. But he had never seemed to notice her subtle overtures. But now the young stud was suggesting a private session and Eva was overjoyed… but confused! Especially when he grinned a devilish grin and murmered, “Don’t you think it’s about time we trained some of those very special muscles you didn’t know you had?” Eva didn’t quite understand!

Amanda was young, beautiful and restless, and fed up with inexperienced teenage boys who fumbled around in their clumsy attempts to seduce her. That’s why she readily accepted an invitation to go out from a very smooth and confident stranger named Luc. Luc slyly suggested that they go see a movie together. “I want you to see my Titanic,” he urged. Amanda wondered why he had called it “my” Titanic… until Luc got her in an empty row in the movie house. And then, much to her shock… and her delight, a very sexy movie was shown on the screen!

Paula had long been an enigma to everyone in the neighborhood, and Gordon had long wondered about her He had the hots for her, but no luck just yet! Although she often dressed provocatively, there seemed to be something shy and modest about the young girl. But neither Gordon nor anyone else could have guessed that Paula harbored a secret desire. But one day as his best friend, Tim was visiting, Paula showed up in an especially sexy red dress. Over drinks she told them she’d been observing them both for some time. “You fellows may be just the pair I’ve been searching for!” she explained.


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