Teenage Sex - Number 94 January 2000

Teenage Sex – Number 94 January 2000

Teenage Sex – Number 94 January 2000
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 63 pages | 16 MB

Teenage Sex 94 Anna’s sexy plan, plus more… TEENAGE SEX porn magazine by Color Climax Corporation was one of the first porn magazines in the 1970s to display FULL-COLOR Pictures of Cute Nice Girls having hard-core sex.

Porn Magazine TEENAGE SEX 94 edited by Color Climax Corporation.
Featured sets : Annas Sexy Plan – Goob Vibrations – Hungry Pussy – Forbidden Fruit – …
Teen Porn Star Anna MAREK aka Anuschka MAREK wearing Shoes & Cute Tiny Blond fucked in Threesome by Male Adult Filmstar Roberto MALONE.
Eurobabe brunette Monica BAAL in hot threesome Andrew Youngman, Nick Lang , including sandwich & cumshots – Cute blonde girl wearing Mini-Boots receives a huge facial cumshot – Hot threesome featuring a redhead girl and two guys including one popular Italian guy with a beard.

Anna and her room-mate, Nicole had always dreamed of living in Paris, the city of lights. But the French capital was so expensive, and after Nicole lost her job M a cafe the girls had trouble paying their light bill – and especially their rent! However, Anna knew that their landlord, the sophisticated M. Libertine, loved rare books, and she hied to pay him off with an old book she found M a trash can! He said, “But my dear, this is a cook book. And about English cooking! Mon Dieu!”

Eva’s favorite time of the year was summer. That’s when professional athletes trained in the health resort in which she worked. She loved watching them training, their strong legs leaping and their muscular upper bodies tight and concentrated. And Eva loved it even more when their muscles became sore and cramped and they came to her for a thera-peutic massage! One particular boxer named Jerzy had strong legs and a huge bulge in his shorts! And his trainer, Peter was sexy, too!

Judith’s father had all the headaches the father of a teenager girl could have! Not only was she beautiful, but Judith was crazy about men. More than once her father had warned her. “Remember. when you’re watching the family fruit stand, don’t flirt with strange mete But of course, Judith paid her father no mind, and one day, just at closing time, she decided to take her flirting one step farther. “Would you like me to deliver your purchase personally?” she lewdly asked two sexy studs.


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