Temptation - Number 03 May 1993

Temptation – Number 03 May 1993

Temptation – Number 03 May 1993
English, German, French | 36 pages | JPG | 52 MB

Temptation 03 Pure Porno Pleasure From Color Climax

Flora was always trying new tricks to distract Noel from the financial pages. Like the day she put on some kinky leather gear. The effect was amazing. Noel’s prick began to…

Charlene was brought up in a rural area of one of America’s southern states, where country boys practised anal-sex as a form of contraception. This gave her a real taste for taking a cock by the “back door”. In addition, the horny Southern Belle had a pre-ference for screwing with handsome, well hung negroes. And when she moved to Los Angeles, she had her pick of black guys. Leroy and Beau…

… were perfect for her – they both had huge organs, and they knew how to use them! Charlene had met them in a burger bar, where she quickly noticed the “double whoppers” in their pants. They invited her back to Beau’s place, where Leroy made an instant “attack” on her succulent pussy…

The two men changed places again and again, stret-ching her anus to splitting point. Suddenly, Charlene had an inspired idea. “Take me in both holes at once, please, boys!” she begged them. For her, there was nothing bet-ter than a nice tasty sandwich. And she was confident that her two Puckers would share her feelings! Charlene reached a very explosive orgasm…


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