Transexual Climax - Number 12 August 1991

Transexual Climax – Number 12 August 1991

Transexual Climax – Number 12 August 1991
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 68 Pages | 69 MB

Transexual Climax 12. A new way to love with Vivian in Dusseldorf – young transexuals in action and more.

Featuring Model:
Female in T.V. Shock = Dominique St. Claire (Original appearance was in Blue Climax Magazine No 30)

One of my pals once described Paris as “Sin City-. And considering that sin is my favourite preoccupation, I took the first available flight to the French capital to find out if what he said was actually true… You can take it from me, it was! Having visited several clubs, I ended up in a disco bar which was on the point of closing for the night. My hostess invited me to stick around. promising me a very interesting experience if I did. not to mention arousing my curiosity at the same time…

When Kurt first laid eyes on Vivian in a public library in Dusseldorf, he simply could not take his eyes off her. It was as though she had some sort of magical, magnetic power. He had no problems getting into conversation with her. He started by making a few comments about the book she was consulting. It was a work on the naive school of painters, and they immediately felt that they had “elective affinities-. as Goethe called the irresistible attraction and perfect harmony between two people. Vivian invited him back to her apartment…

There is a proverb that says: “You can’t judge a book by looking at the cover”. This is definitely true in Georgina’s (alias Georgio) case. Georgio quickly discovered that he felt more like…

As far as Maxine was concerned, Paris was Paradise. In the little provincial town where she was born, being a transexual made life very difficult. Whereas in the “City of Light” people had a much more liberal attitude towards others’ sexual identities. Like Julien for example. Instead of being outraged, when he discovered that she had a cock where her cunny should have been, he got very turned on. It all started, after he had met her whilst taking a stroll near the Eifel Tower, and…


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