Transexual Climax - Number 13 November 1992

Transexual Climax – Number 13 November 1992

Transexual Climax – Number 13 November 1992
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Transexual Climax 13 From Color Climax

When Ginger moved into her new apartment, she thought it would be nice to invite her next-door neighbour to lunch. Ulla was delighted. There was something strangely sexy about Ginger that really attracted her… When they had finished eating, Ginger began to come on strong. Ulla, who was “bi”, welcomed her hot embraces… It was not long before Gin-ger had Ulla just where she wanted her… “You’ve got nice tits!” she told her as she bit her nipples gently. Ulla gave a little laugh… “My horoscope said I was in for a nice surprise!” she sighed…

Despite the efforts of his parents, who noticed that he was spe-cial, even as a child, George decided that he did not want to be a man, but would rather enter the world of the “Third Sex”. He changed his appearance and his name (into Georgina), and finally, he began to feel like a real woman, despite the thing that was still hanging between his legs! Georgina soon discovered that there were men (homosexuals or guys with jaded sexual palates) who were very fond of fucking with transexuals…

When Kurt first laid eyes on Vivian in a public library in Dusseldorf, it had been a case of lust at first sight. He had sensed that there was something different about her, and of course, he’d been right. Kurt had always liked a bit of mystery. And after a hot session of love-making in her apartment, he became…


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