Transexual Climax - Number 24 May 1999

Transexual Climax – Number 24 May 1999

Transexual Climax – Number 24 May 1999
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 84 pages | 82 MB

Transexual Climax 24 By Color Climax

It had taken Jason’s eyes time to adjust to the disco’s mixture of darkness and bright flashing lights. But when he was able to focus, his eyes became riveted to a dark haired beauty gyrating sensuously to the throbbing beat. And drawn to her, he pushed through the heaving bodies and asked for a dance. Carla smiled invitingly and moved closer, rubbing her firm body against his, until Jason felt a stirring in his excited prick! It wasn’t long before Jason had the sexy young beau-ty back in his bachelor pad and in his arms. Carla purred with pleasure as his lips seize her breasts!

Kia had known from early childhood that she was really a girl in a young boy’s body, and so when she reached her teens she insisted on becoming as female as possible. And regular doses of hormones made her already feminine form become even more lush and enticing. One day, towards the end of a pool party near her school, she found herself alone with Dennis. And horny young Dennis couldn’t stop himself from whispering sweet words of passion to her as he began fondling Kia’s now-ample breasts!

Phillip had travelled the world, visiting all the fleshpots of the far east as well as the steamy bordellos of Brazil, but once back home he began to grow bored with ordinary sex with inexperienced home town girls. That is, until he heard rumours about Candy! His friends had laughed when they talked about her, telling Phillip that she had an excellent reason for calling herself Candy Cane. And with his curiosity aroused, Phillip quickly sought her out and invited her to dinner. Of course, one thing led to another, and Phillip discovered it was no great difficulty getting the sexy blonde alone or her clothes off!


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