Transexual Climax - Number 26 March 2000

Transexual Climax – Number 26 March 2000

Transexual Climax – Number 26 March 2000
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Transexual Climax 26 She Male Stud Sex Action.

Candy was sexy from her pouty lips right down to her toes, but she was no weak-willed dumb blonde. Candy raced high speed motorcycles, kick-boxed like a pro, and she wielded a mean billiard cue. And one afternoon, when she invited her handsome new neighbor, Ben, over for a game …and she pretended to accidentally back against him, she immediately felt his growing interest in her!

Candy was one of those rare and exotic creatures who could please any man or woman, a horny he/she who needed sex. “And now,” she murmured to the excited Ben, “1 want you to ream me in my arsehole with your cock. Shag me til I scream!”

Carol had begun to wonder about her own sexuality. Although she had always been horny and loved being thoroughly shagged by tall virile men, lately she seemed to be equally drawn to beautiful women! Especially after meeting Darla. Dada’s long blonde hair, ample breasts and sexy boots really inspired Carol to fantasize about forbidden female games! Luckily Carol soon got her chance when Dada invited her home so that they could “get to know each other better.” And as they walked hand in hand, Carol smiled nervously, unsure of what her new friend wanted from her!

David was a successful photographer of refined eroticism and he was well known in wide circles for his sophisticated photos of ravishing young women in the nude, but his private life had become boring, as he had seen and touched hundreds of beautiful bodies in a thousand different ways. But every body now seemed the same. That’s why when he heard rumors of a mysterious Marilyn, he found a long-forgotten excitement growing in him once again. Marilyn, he had heard, was not only famous for her beauty and voracious sexual appetites, but also for her rather special physical attributes!


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