Transexual Climax - Number 27 September 2000

Transexual Climax – Number 27 September 2000

Transexual Climax – Number 27 September 2000
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Transexual Climax 27 Shemale Games, plus more… XXX Hardcore Transexual shemale Content.

The fires of passion can be ignited in the most unexpected ways and when you least expect it. For example these two young beauties had first met in a “special” chat room on the Internet, and as their interests were similar they’d been corresponding regularly. But today was the first time that the blonde and bold young Debbie was meeting the dark haired and exotic Carla face to face. “My, your home is lovely,” Debbie remarked. “And your tits are absolutely delightful!” the laughing Carla replied, as she eagerly cupped and caressed the blonde’s firm and ample bosom.

Ben Dover had been in the erotic film business for years, and he had always made it a rule to never mix pleasure with business. And his strictest rule was, never sample the talent personally. That, he knew, could only lead to problems – and even to lawsuits! But there was something different, something mysterious about a new actress offering her services. Beautiful blonde Amber seemed to hint at a truly insatiable appetite for sex. And for the kinkiest kind!

Jean Paul and his friend, Leon had long played music together on the streets of Paris, and Jean Paul never ceased to be amazed by Leon’s trick for attracting beautiful and horny young women. “All you need is a smile… and a long baguette in your hand!” Leon would boast. And one spring day Leon’s trick worked yet again when a tall beauty named Collette introduced herself and quickly began to stroke Leon’s impressive comestible. “No hungry woman can be satisfied with a croissant!” she teased.

America is the land of opportunity, and people from all over the world immigrate there in hopes of find-ing wealth or security. But others, like our lovely Lola left her native Philippines with only one thing in mind. Better sex! Tired of Asian men, Lola was determined to meet a man with broad shoulders and an enormous prick! Luckily, after only a few weeks in Los Angeles, Lola met her dream man in a bar. And as Lance whispered sweet words in her ear, she could feel her nipples hardening. And as he boldly reached between her thighs, she felt something else hardening as well!


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