Transexual Climax – Number 28 February 2001

Transexual Climax – Number 28 February 2001

Transexual Climax – Number 28 February 2001
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Transexual Climax 28, Sexy Shemale, plus more.. XXX Hardcore Transexual shemale Content

Gordon was a man who had very special sexual needs, to say the least! He had always thought that women’s tits, arse and mouth were enough to keep him busy for hours on end. So what did they need a pussy for, too? And so, by using a very special chat line on the Internet, Gordon soon hooked up with the gorgeous Gina, an unusual girl with a little more variety to her anatomy! Sparks immediately flew between them as Gordon reached for Gina’s ample breasts …and her bulging crotch!

Ever since Charlie had gotten the letter from his old friend, Ray, he had been looking forward to the com-ing visit from his best friend from high school. Charlie and Ray had ridden motorcycles together, played in the same rock band. But since Ray had moved to San Francisco the two friends had lost touch. But now Ray had written that he was arriving on Saturday with a big surprise for his old friend. And what a surprise it was when Charlie discovered that Ray was now a beautiful girl named Rita! And Rita had firm enticing tits that seemed to want to jump right into Charlie’s hands! “Yes, touch them! Squeeze my nip-ples” the randy redhead encouraged. “My new body is all yours!”

This tale of sexual surprise first appeared in Tran-sexual 14. It started when Les spotted the gor-geous Germaine in a bar, looking sexy and more than a little bold. At first he thought she was a prostitute and he suggested they move to his place for a little intimacy. But Germaine hinted that she was no ordinary lay. “If you want to get into my panties,” she told him, “you’ll have to prove you’re unafraid of truly exotic sex!”

Diego and Kikki had the perfect relationship. Diego was sexy and virile. And Kikki had a body like no oth-er. But the best thing about the dark-skinned beauty was her ability to arouse her lover with erotic tales from her colorful past. Diego never tired of hearing stories from Kikki’s teenage years in Brazil, and then later her pilgrimages to the most famous flesh pots in the world. “Tell me another story,” Diego implored as he exposed and explored her beautiful breasts, tweaking her sensitive nipples between his fingers until she began to sigh and moan with growing passion. Kikki was a magical…


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